vous vous changez... changez de kelton !


vous vous changez... changez de kelton !



The birth of KELTON was the result of the meeting between Stéphane Boullier, watch manufacturer in Besançon, and the American giant Timex. Conquered by the French watch industry, Timex decided to produce some of its watches in Besançon. The first watches were manufactured from 1955 under the name KELTON.



Consumers are seduced by the KELTON brand, particularly because of its low price positioning. It is a cheap watch with a quality that is still to be desired in its early years.



From its low price positioning, KELTON pushes its concept even further. It innovates in the choice of its distribution network by targeting tobacconists, paper mills, petrol stations, drugstores and department stores. A risky but profitable choice that allowed the brand to develop.


1961-1977 : THE GROWTH

To further develop the brand, Timex takes over the reins of KELTON. A factory will be built to replace the old workshop, it will even be expanded four years later. The production of watches is increasing rapidly, hiring continues and the factory of 44000m2 is running at full speed. Finally, watches are better qualities.



The brand KELTON becomes an iconic brand. Its slogan "Vous vous changez, changez de KELTON!" is in the minds of all French thanks to its many TV commercials. The brand is so popular that celebrities tear it off. French singer Sylvie Vartan even collaborated with KELTON to launch a limited edition collection. The brand sells more than 4,000,000 watches in the early 70s.



In the early 80's, this new technology that is Quartz arrives on the market and gives a twist to existing watch brands. KELTON suffers so much that a phase of dismissal is chained. In 1987, production stops.



From 1999 to 2001, Goldy obtained the agreement of Timex for the creation and distribution of new KELTON watch collection in their Goldy network. In 2006, Goldy was bought by another company and ended the marketing of watches.



AS CONSEIL decides to revive a myth: the Kelton brand. The slogan "You change, change Kelton" becomes the strength of the brand again. It is repositioning its approach in the field of distribution by allowing major brands to take advantage of its reputation. The new Kelton watch collection is based on the historical brand codes reviewed and adapted to the 21st century market. We dare to take risks on the aesthetics of our watches by taking inspiration from the vintage style. Clearly, we are totally playing the noe-retro card ! Modern watches wile conbining the charm of vintage.

During this return, the distribution of the watches is exclusive to the e-shop www.kelton.fr. The distribution in physical store tends to develop through concept stores.


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